2024 Sit on Top Kayaks

the liquidlogic kiawah

The Liquidlogic Kiawah has an innovative new sit-on-top hull shape that offers excellent efficiency along with superior tracking and stability.

This new "Relax" hull is tuned to maximize your day on the water no matter whether it's your first kayak outing or you're practically a pro. With a premium open floor plan that features a large rear well and bow deck (LX package featuring the K-9 Comfort Pad and wheel sold separately), the Kiawah has space for all your gear and your dog too.

the liquidlogic manta ray propel 12

The Smooth, Quiet, Fun recreational pedal kayak has arrived!

Designed to be a quiet ride, the Manta Ray Propel 12 recreational kayak is a pedal-driven cruiser.

the liquidlogic stingray

The stingray rides high and dry and provides serious stability and comfort.

The super stable hull design with a pronounced stern keel for excellent tracking rides nice in swells, waves and choppy conditions. The rockered and flared bow design is at home in coastal marshes, bays, lakes as well as cruising the local river.

the liquidlogic coupe xp

Versatility is the name of the game these days

When it comes to getting your money's worth and the Coupe offers it up in large doses. This one-of-a-kind hybrid design is fun, stable, easy to paddle and is as comfortable on rivers and lakes as it is riding your favorite ocean break.

the liquidlogic deuce coupe

double your pleasure, double your fun.

That's the motto of this tandem sit on top kayak. Like its solo counterpart, the Deuce Coupe is the most versatile tandem sit on top ever produced and the only tandem sit-on-top kayak with a deployable skeg for tracking.