Coupe XP

Versatility is the name of the game these days

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Made in the USA

Versatility is the name of the game these days

when it comes to getting your money's worth and the Coupe offers it up in large doses. This one-of-a-kind hybrid design is fun, stable, easy to paddle and is as comfortable on rivers and lakes as it is riding your favorite ocean break. The Coupe is the choice when looking for one sit on top that can and will do it all. The Coupes hull is whitewater ready with soft edges for easy control and the bow is upswept allowing the Coupe to ride up and over river features as well as staying high and dry when taken in the surf zone. On quiet waters such as lakes and bays the Coupe transforms to a touring sit-on-top with a flick of the lever deploying its spring loaded skeg; a feature not found on any other sit-on-top kayak.

With the Deluxe Wedge seat and the Tag Along Wheel now standard on every boat plus the additional available accessories like the padded Thigh Straps, the Coupe offers up unparalleled comfort and control.

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Coupe XP Kayak is also available direct from Liquidlogic Kayaks.

Coupe XP Kayak


10' 0" / 305 CM


30" / 76 CM

Paddler Weight

260 LBS / 118 KG


50 LBS / 23 KG

Top and side view of Liquidlogic Coupe XP