Sweet Ride

High performance river running with a side of play.

MSRP: $1,399

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Made in the USA

High performance river running with a side of play.

Nothing is sweeter than playing your way down the river. Especially in the Sweet Ride. This half-slice beauty will get you boofing your way downstream, carving turns through rock gardens, pulling onto a catch on the fly wave and squirting a nice seam. It's the half slice that is focused on running the river in a fun progressive way.

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Sweet Ride is also available direct from Liquidlogic Kayaks.

Sweet Ride


The Sweet Ride boasts standout features that will have you exploring and creating new lines.

Pop up and over any obstacle in your way with its big RMX influenced bow rocker.

The big hull platform and rocker profile keep you sitting on top of the water, allowing you to skip downstream and spin on a dime.

You’ve all been asking for crisp edges, the Sweet Ride has got you covered. The edges are hard enough to use, but tucked up slightly so they won't get in the way while sliding down rocks.

We know performance matters. The Sweet Ride has a performance driven stern that starts with a little extra volume behind the seat to keep you moving downstream confidently. And at the end of its fast 9-foot length, the stern slices down super thin, allowing you to pivot turn quickly, squirt on eddy lines, and splat that rock.

If you're ready to crush it on the river, the Sweet Ride is the boat for you. Whether you're boofing, carving, catching waves, or just having fun, this kayak is designed to help you do it all with ease and confidence.

Have a sweet ride.


9' / 2.74 m


26.5" / 67.31 cm


72 gallons

Paddler Weight

120-240 LBS / 54.43kg - 108.86kg


46 lbs / 20.86 kg

Cockpit Width


Cockpit Length