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Marcelo Galizio


Born on an island called Florianopolis, Marcelo Galizio has always been surrounded by water. His favorite hobby when he is not diving at the bottom of the ocean or running stouts, is to surf big waves. Brazil is a hidden whitewater paradise with water all year around, different types of bedrock and countless unexplored rivers.

Marcelo have done a series of first descents in his home country and has been traveling around searching for the best whitewater he can find, documenting his trips along the way.

Height / Weight

5’11” / 75 kg

Boat Quote

  • The Stomper is a great all around boat and is the perfect option for a international trip, where you may end up running all sort of different rivers. I took it at my last three road trips through patagonia and got to run low water steep creeks, big waterfalls and big rivers like Futa and the Baker.
  • Jefe is and always will be my favorite boat design, I love how easy is to change edges and how much air I get when I pull that boof stroke. the displacement hull also provides a super soft landing off big drops.

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  • Tac Motors
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  • Freeky River Gear
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  • Astral.

Favorite Rivers

  • Black River (MI)
  • Escondido (Argentina)
  • Cedros (Brasil)