Member Bio

Geneviève Royer


I am a 26 years old kayaker, just finished a mechanical engineering degree and try to spend as much time as I can on the river as I can. I started whitewater as a rafting guide on the Rouge in 2011 not long after and quickly switched to kayaking. I live by the lachines rapids in montreal where I go surfing and training after work, but I jump in my car at every occasion to go creeking. I love big water and big water creeking as much as technical creeks. For me, whitewater kayaking is all about fun, friends, challenging yourself, but mostly discovering new places. I was a real beater when I started, I had to work hard to get my roll and struggled to stay right side up on flat water. Three years after that, my friend pushed me to compete in my first creek race, the neilson race. From that day we have been fighting at every races to find out who is faster between a female K1 and a male C1 in the Série Eau Vive Extrême Québec…. I am now involve in my local community, teaching kayak when I can, helping with race organisations, but mainly pushing the girls to become stronger than me on the river!

Height / Weight

5’6″ / 140 lbs

Favorite Quote

“Slow is smooth, smooth is fast”

Boat Quote

  • Remix 69 is Smooth and fast, I simply love this boat and can’t get enough of it !
  • Braaap is fun and agile, for a female paddler it is a very playful creeker and so easy to boof !
  • The stinger ….. is just magic!.

Where are you from?

Montreal, Canada

Favorite Rivers

  • Rouge
  • Lachines rapids
  • Neilson
  • Green River
  • Taureau
  • Valin
  • Doncaster