Member Bio

Emrick Blanchette


I am 23 years old, living in Quebec. Currently studying Business Administration & Marketing in University. Oh! and yea, French is my first language. I used to play hockey at a very competitive level but stopped completely 6 years ago and started whitewater kayaking full time. At that time, I didn’t know I was about to dedicate all my life to that sport that would become my main passion and motivation. A couple friends and I founded Quebec Connection few years after, as I always liked to shoot and edit videos. Now two of my biggest passions were reunited. The crew & videos slowly started getting more and more exposure to finally become what it is now. After so much time and energy, I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve done as a group and also as an individual. I am now travelling as much as I can to paddle quality whitewater all year long. I invest a lot of time into the whitewater community in Quebec to promote our sport and eastern Canada as an exceptional paddling destination. You will find me paddling in Quebec during spring time; because there is nothing like a Quebec Stakeout ! During summertime I will be boofing all over North East A., going wherever there is water flowing. And in winter, I do my best to travel as much as I can to run away from the snow & cold temperatures !

Height / Weight

6′ / 185 lbs.

Favorite Quote

“Travel. Explore. Charge. Live. Share.”

Boat Quote

Stomper 90 - Been paddling that beast for 3 years. Boofs like nothing else. Perfect when you want to go steep and technical. From waterfalls to big volume boulder garden, the stomper handles it all. Always loved how the rocker goes over everything.

Where are you from?

Quebec, Canada

Favorite Rivers

  • Taureau
  • Cassian
  • 7 Chutes Ste-Anne
  • Lower Jalacingo
  • Alseseca
  • Huit Chutes