Member Bio

Andrew Hiltbrand


I started kayaking when I was 16 at a Boy Scout camp near the Chattooga River, and almost 10 years later, I’m traveling across the country for races, events, and new rivers to paddle! I’m currently working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC. I’ve gotten the opportunity to paddle so many creeks and rivers around the area with many more to discover! I have no idea what I’m doing when I graduate, so I guess I’m gonna be kayaking for a while!

Height / Weight

5’5″ / 145 lbs

Favorite Quote

“Turn scared into stoked!”.

Boat Quote

Party Braaap- The Party Braaap is the boat that allows you to play every feature and get recklessly vertical, and it makes all of the local runs a little bit more spicy!

DELTA V- The DELTA V is my go to boat to take care of me whether it be big water, tight/technical creeks, or big drops. We all get scared sometimes when we encounter challenging rapids, but this boat has given me more confidence to step it up.

Stinger- You and I both know the Stinger is like a fighter jet on the water, but it’s also a really fun boat to surf and do big enders!

Where are you from?

Cumming, Georgia

Favorite Rivers

Chattooga, Alseseca, Upper Big Creek, Green, Upper Whitewater